We are happy to announce this new section of our website focusing on the importance and our commitment to player safety. We are dedicated to ensuring all of our coaches, players, cheerleaders, and volunteers are all using the proper equipment and have the best resources to keep everyone safe on the field during our season.

We will continue to keep this page updated with information from various resources that will help educate you, our coaches, and volunteers on player safety.

Helmet 2015Our organization continues to make player safety one of our top priorities.  In 2015, Canyon Hills Pop Warner made a considerable investment into this commitment and purchased new Riddell Speed Classic Youth Helmets for all of our players. 

CPR & First Aid Certification:  Pop Warner rules require that “All practices must be attended by one person holding a Red Cross Community CPR and a First Aid certification OR National Center for Sports Safety PREPARE Certificate of Completion, or equivalent, if not by an EMT or volunteer physician.”


Limited Contact in Practice:  http://www.popwarner.com/safety/practice_contact.htm

Heat Preparedness & Hydration: 

Water 2015


Before Exercise
    • Hydrate with 16-24 ounces of water or a sports drink.
During Exercise
  • Have unlimited access to water during exercise/activity.
  • Be able to drink as much as they want.
  • Be able to drink for the entire break period if they wish.

Access to sports drinks when exercise is greater than 60 minutes or if exercise is going to be intense and in the heat. To achieve this, it’s recommended that all exercise sessions should have predetermined breaks approximately every 15 minutes. The timing and length of breaks should be dependent on the environmental conditions. While athletes may be encouraged or even required to bring their own fluids, as a coach, always make sure extra fluids are available for those who have forgotten or need to refill their water bottles.

Heads Up Tacklinghttp://usafootball.com/health-safety/how-to-tackle

Heads up Blocking:  http://usafootball.com/health-safety/how-to-block

Cheer Safety:  http://www.popwarner.com/cheer/cheersafety.htm